Why Donald Trump has won

Ok, so you woke up this morning to the news that Trump has won. You were shocked and went straight to Facebook to vent: your initial reaction was to wonder how stupid, ignorant and sexist/homophobic these rednecks can be to vote for such a giant clown as President. I’ve seen all your posts, I’ve read all your messages and I joined the fun. But I also wondered how and why he won. And I’ve reached a sad conclusion: it’s our fault. Just as much as it’s our fault for Brexit, how it’s our fault for the far right movements gaining momentum in Europe, or for the further isolationist, anti-emigration, traditionalist politicians that will be elected in our countries.
Before you rush to say that this is bullshit, I’m not an American, I’m …insert nationality here…, why is it my fault for Donald Trump, just hear me out: do you have a Donald Trump equivalent in your country? I know Romania has one, UK has one, France has one, and even the NL has one. I’ll go as far to say that Donald trump is a symptom, not the disease itself. It’s a cancer that’s growing, an infection that’s sweeping the globe and it erupts more and more frequently. We ignored it and now we’re facing the consequences.
The world we know and take for granted, as children of the 80s or millennials, whatever you would like to call us, is vastly different from the world of our parents and grandfathers. For me, that’s a good thing. But we are the winners of globalization; we enjoy the good things that came out of it. We are so used the status quo, we have no idea how things use to be 30 or 40 years in the past. We travel, we enjoy a good career, we have a safety net provided by our parents, we can talk to anyone in the world instantaneously, and we hang around like-minded people in our own little bubble of self-sufficiency. We live a good life and we don’t even acknowledge that, ungrateful little shits that we are.
And not only we did not care to consider the losers of globalization, we dismiss them and we bully them every day in our media and on Facebook. The bottom line is that our bellies are full, so we obviously care about other things, it’s basic psychology – the Maslow pyramid. Try talking to the people that used to be middle class, and that are now poor, hungry and disenfranchised, about concepts such as climate change, equal rights, gay marriage and how immigration is good for the economy: they don’t give a shit, because their primary concern is what they’re going to eat tomorrow. Instead of trying to understand them or empathize with them, we antagonize them: we call them old, idiots, racist, homophobic, rednecks and…deplorable. And we make fun of them on TV, newspapers and social media. And when they respond with a massive fuck you such as DT, we still don’t understand.
Take your average Trump voter (or Farage, Le Pen, Wilders voter) – he used to have a job, he used to be able to support his family, he had a sense of pride and belonging. That was 30 or 40 years ago. He now has no job because the factory that was keeping his town alive is now closed, the only job in his town is Walmart and he literally sees no happy end in sight. The American dream died for him. The political establishment does nothing for him, so he becomes bitter and angry. We, from the top of our pyramid of assholery and self-importance mock him: he’s just a dumb retrograde redneck (or chav?, or taran). Enter DT: he takes that anger and bitterness and channels it for his own gain: he’s poor now because of the immigrants, because of the damn foreigners and the whole country is going to shit. He’s going to make his country GREAT again! In translation: I’ll help you get a job, a better life, a chance to feel useful again. This recipe worked in UK, it worked in US and it will work everywhere. And it’s our fault: because we have an enormous sense of entitlement and superiority towards those people. We can’t possible fathom how they would feel left behind and useless in this world.
We bring them facts and statistics: look dumbass, look how the economy has improved. Yes, on average the economy has improved. I’m on Quora: every day there’s a new question in the lines of this: “I’m a graduate engineer and I was offered 250k plus stocks for an entry level job for xxx company. Is this enough money?” Yeah, and the guy in the rust belt is on food stamps. Same story when it comes to London vs rest of England; Paris vs la France profonde and so on. Trickle down economy did nothing for them –it’s a myth. Do you see this income gap in your country? I think you do.
To the populist, charismatic leaders that are now emerging (and winning), the establishment opposes old-school politicians: bland, boring, without passion, without conviction (saying whatever it takes to score points and get them elected). We don’t like these people so we stay at home. HC did not generate any passion, DT on the other hand…
We think the us vs them is something in the lines of progressive vs retrograde, young vs old, educated vs uneducated, urban vs rural. Well, it’s not. It’s what it always was: haves vs have-nots. We failed to see this, we stayed on social media, we kept to our own, we didn’t listen, we dismissed, and we mocked and offered no alternative. That’s why DT is our fault. And copycat Donald Trumps are coming soon to a country near you. Viva la revolucion!

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